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Q) What is the Recipe you recommend for maintaining RV holding tanks?
A) Our recipe will help to sanitize your tanks while creating a slippery coating to help your sensors remain free of blockage.
1 – gallon jug (empty)
1 – bottle of Pine-Sol (any amount will work, for odor only)
1/2 cup Calgon (or other brands like Vaseline) Bath Beads (available at Wal-Mart & Wal-Greens)

I would suggest to mix this in sink or outside on a good day due to the bath beads causing overflow.  Pour Pine-sol into the empty gallon jug. Add water almost to the top of the jug, leaving enough room for the bath beads. Shake the Pine-sol and water to mix up (let settle), then add 1/2 cup of the Calgon Bath Beads to the mixture (when adding Bath Beads, add slowly due to reaction). Shake and let off pressure. Depending on the size of your tanks, use 8 oz. for the black tank and 4 oz. for the gray tank, just like you did when you used rv holding tank chemicals. Add more if desired or if you have larger than average tanks.

Pine-sol is for odor and the Bath Beads are to keep the tanks slippery as well as to lubricate the seals.  You can also mix the water and bath beads in the gallon jug and only add pine-sol in the tank if needed for odor.

Q) What types of RV’s and boats do you service?
A) If it has a holding tank, we can usually service it, regardless of make, model, or year. We service from the outside of the unit therefore we access from the 3″ sewer connection.  If you have any doubts,  just give us a call.

Q) I’m buying a used RV. Do you recommend I use your service?
A) Absolutely! Unless an RV dealer has contracted with us to clean the tanks of their used RV’s, they will usually attempt to clean the tanks with harsh chemicals and they may even rock the RV in the shop to mimic the motion created while travelling. This does not work, and does not provide you with sanitary tanks!  If you’re in the Texas Hill Country, you can either tell them about us and ask them to have us PROPERLY clean your tanks before you will purchase the unit, or you can call us directly. We are currently working with Camping World in New Braunfels, and we applaud them for their integrity in providing sanitized holding tanks to their used RV customers. Unfortunately, there are some dealers that will not offer our service because they would rather sell their customers new holding tanks.

Q) What is causing odor problems in my black and grey tanks?
A) Odor problems are usually caused by the content that is still in the tanks.  Get rid of the sludge and you get rid of the odor.  The use of chemicals only masks the problem and does not fix it.

Q) What is causing mis-reading problems on my black tank probes or sensors?
A) Mis-reading problems on black tanks can be caused by two things.  Dirty tanks with sludge and paper hanging up on the sensors, or electrical problems with the sensors and control panel.  It is usually caused by dirty tanks.

Q) Is the combining of different chemicals in my holding tank causing odors?
A) Yes.  The mixing of different chemicals can cause a reaction that create gases that generate additional odors.

Q) How is the use of chemical treatments effecting our environment and the city sewage treatment plants in every city? 
A) Every time you dump your chemically treated holding tanks, that sewage must be treated by the local sewage treatment center.  So you see, less chemicals make it easier to recycle and reclaim the water for the environment.  Not one chemical company will argue that their chemicals are better for the environment than fresh clean water.

Q) If I purchase a pre-owned RV, am I getting somebody else’s “foreign matter”?
A) Yes, because cleaning attachments and chemicals are not powerful enough to remove all foreign matter.  Our cameras show this fact.

Q) Is a tank replacement necessary if I have an odor or mis-reading problem that can’t be solved with chemicals?
A) No.  Problems are usually caused by unclean tanks.  A thorough hydro-cleaning of these tanks will solve the problem.

Q) Do cleaning attachments that a RV’er can buy really work?  What psi pressure are they operating at?
A) In many cases attachments will help, but only if there is a minimal build up of foreign matter.  Attachments usually screw onto the garden hose and operate at 40 to 50 psi, compared to our 500 – 3,000 psi.

Q) How often should I give holding tanks a thorough Hydro-Cleaning?
A) We recommend Hydro Cleaning at least once a year to keep foreign matter from building up, or just before winterizing.

Q) How long does the Hydro cleaning process take and do I need to leave my RV?
A) The Hydro Cleaning process is scheduled by appointment and is typically completed in 90 minutes or less.  There is no need to leave your RV.

Q) How do I know all the foreign matter is out of my tanks?
A) You can watch the process through clear pipe connectors and can tell when the water turns clean and clear.  We also offer a fiber optic camera that provides a good view of the tank’s interior.

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